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Downes Street

The following is a list of contributing properties eligible for federal and/or state tax credits for historic restoration and rehabilitation:

Location Date
18 Downes Street 1910
19 Downes Street 1892
21 Downes Street  1927
22 Downes Street 1926
26 Downes Street 1907
101 Downes Street 1906
102 Downes Street 1891
108 Downes Street 1948
110 Downes Street 1917
111 Downes Street 1905
115 Downes Street 1898
117 Downes Street 1900
121 Downes Street 1900
123 Downes Street 1900
202 Downes Street 1916
204 Downes Street 1923
209 Downes Street 1917

Click here to see a map locating Downes Street.

For more information on these specific properties, click here to read descriptions taken from the approved Phoebus Historic District nomination forms.

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