What the Partnership’s done.


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The Partrnership

What the Partnership’s done.

Over the years, much of the Partnership’s work has been focused helping to create new jobs, but also on setting the table so that others we may never know will benefit from our efforts and grow and do well in a same and prosperous community called Phoebus.

On an annual basis, we submit a summary of activities to the City of Hampton.  (Where attaching documents referenced in a summary would produce a file too large to conveniently download, they have been omitted but are available for review at the Partnership’s office.)

This are our records of accomplishments, and we are proud of them.

2013-2014 summary
2012-2013 summary
2011-2012 summary
2010-2011 summary
2009-2010 summary
2008-2009 summary
2007-2008 summary
2006-2007 summary
2005-2006 summary
2004-2005 summary